What is Science Diplomacy?

The most extended definition, set by the Royal Society and the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 2010, refers to science diplomacy as consisting of three linked strands:

Science in Diplomacy

Where scientific know-how and evidence is used to inform and support foreign policy objectives.

Diplomacy for Science

Where diplomatic efforts and resources are aimed at facilitating international scientific and technical cooperation.

Science for Diplomacy

Where scientific cooperation is used as a source of soft power to strengthen or foster foreign relations.



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Sourcing Only The Highest Quality Experts

We source only the best people for your programs. We know in order to succeed in life science, you need product and business validation from the de facto experts in your domain.


Our mission is to help patients with unmet needs.

Not only are we experts in patient advocacy, we are also patients and caregivers. Our founder Robert Schultz was inspired to form Massnex, bringing years of startup and innovation experience in the life science industry, teaching innovation and entrepreneurship at the top schools, and collaborating with nonprofit organizations.

Economic development

When patients win, everyone wins.

Massnex helps municipalities across Massachusetts experience the transformative economic impact of the life science industry. Everybody wins when government, industry, and academia collaborate because it catalyzes economic development and creates diverse employment opportunities. Massnex helps global trade agencies navigate our ecosystem so they, too, can experience the fruits of success.

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Robert Schultz

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Yolanda Ramiro

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