For Patients and families Innovation Is Hope

Working across academia, industry, government, and philanthropy, Massnex accelerates the development of products and services that alleviate suffering for patients and families.

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Business Development & Marketing

Our expert team has deep experience engaging the key stakeholders in your field, and building client partnerships based on a shared mission to help patients.

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Boston Innovation Tours

We provide unsurpassed access to the world’s leading life science ecosystem such as the prominent pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, startup accelerators, and university research centers.

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Educational WOrkshops

We lead patient advocacy educational workshops and seminars with companies, universities, and nonprofit organizations that will help the next generation of innovators.

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What Life Science Leaders Say about Us

Kevin O’Sullivan
Fmr. CEO and President, Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives

“Robert Schultz assembled the founding team of Humira and the Governor of Massachusetts for a high profile event at Bentley University to talk about how we partnered with the community and aligned stakeholders to develop the world’s #1 drug in Worcester, Massachusetts. Since then, he has become a Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives friend, bringing cutting-edge business development opportunities to Worcester through his global science diplomacy network. We welcome Massnex and recognize the valuable role that they play in Massachusetts and in helping foreign companies succeed.”
Andrew Frates
Pete Frates #3 Fund, Innovators of the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS

“I’ve worked with Robert very closely for the better part of the last decade. He delivers on what he promises. He will never accept that patients and families continue to suffer and is a tireless fighter for patient-driven innovation, which attracted me to advise one of his past startup projects and understand that what he does is special. I have observed Robert connecting within communities like ALS, where he performs magic influencing leadership at the most important organizations to help them understand their deeper underlying responsibility to patients. We know Robert is bringing hope in the form of innovation from all over the world, and I am proud to be part of what he is doing with Massnex.”
Benjamin Bollman
CEO, swissnex Boston

“swissnex Boston has been lucky to work with Massnex founder Rob Schultz as our partner in our Patient Advocacy+ series. We are honored that the swissnex model is continuing to inspire other initiatives, and we look forward to further connecting Massachusetts with Switzerland, particularly in the fields of life sciences and patient advocacy.”

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