Venture Capital & Non-Dilutive Fundraising 

While it is true that the United States offers one of the most attractive venture capital markets in the world, it is incredibly competitive, and companies must be able to develop a personal network to connect with the right investors. We are natives of Boston; we know how many companies fail every day, even with products with the high potential to help patients. Our patient advocacy-driven framework works because we can identify the right investors, which may include traditional venture capital firms, family offices, venture philanthropy, and high net worth individuals who have a personal connection to the patients you serve.

We collaborate closely with groups like the New England Venture Capital Association (NEVCA) to help them understand the power of patient advocacy and its role in creating alignment with investors. After all, Boston is the leading life science cluster in the world because of our ability to channel the right philanthropists in support innovation of patients with unmet needs.

We also can procure non-dilutive, grant-based funding opportunities through various organizations in our network, such as the University of Massachusetts, the BIRD Foundation, and other sources that would be strategic for your company.



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