Robert Schultz, Founder & Managing Director

Robert E. Schultz is an entrepreneur, professor, and patient advocate from Boston, Massachusetts. He is driven by his personal commitment to patient advocacy and equitable access to healthcare. He is proud to be from Massachusetts and knows how to connect the dots between academia, government, and industry because his hometown is also the world’s most important life science cluster.

Robert founded Massnex to help global stakeholders navigate Massachusetts, recognizing the industry’s international footprint and potential for transformative impact on economic development. He dedicates his time to mentoring and connecting students, entrepreneurs, and executives to help the next wave of innovation because he believes innovation is hope for patients and their families.

Yolanda Ramiro, Business Development (Europe)

Yolanda is an award-winning international business executive – Stevie Award® winner – with a stellar career in two top-ranked corporate advisory and venture capital firms in Europe, Spain, and Latin America, as well as in listed companies in high added value sectors.

By having developed business models and partnerships for multiple ventures, she applies lean and change management methodologies to her work, delivering operational excellence, stakeholder alignment, and maximizing impact. She benefits from a broad network in Europe.
Based in Zug, at the epicenter of the biotechnology industry in Switzerland, Yolanda connects the dots between Europe, with a particular focus in Switzerland, and the Massachusetts life science ecosystem. She speaks English, German, Spanish, and French.

Lilia Gamboa, Business Development (Mexico)

Lilia is an education consultant based in Mexico City with over a decade of experience organizing tours for academic and governmental delegations. She met Robert when they worked together as counterparts organizing a medical innovation tour to Boston for the University of Guadalajara Medical School. Lilia has an MBA with specialization in International Business from Tecnológico de Monterrey.


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