Business Development

If your innovation alleviates suffering for patients and families with unmet needs, we can connect you with the most critical stakeholders.


We support you to accelerate the FDA product approval processes

Regulatory Affairs

Our team will guide your strategy development, accelerate your pathway to regulatory approval, and serve as your regulatory team to facilitate success for your product
We are experts in the commercialization of products for patients with unmet needs

New Product Strategy & Launch

The basis of our entire business is helping to shepherd the development and commercialization of products for patients with unmet needs. We understand that established commercial principles are now being challenged, and we embrace this change.


We support your product life-cycle and healthcare business development strategy

Product Lifecycle & Patient Driven Business Strategy

In today’s world, companies must have a deep, intimate understanding of the patient communities they serve both prove their go-to-market strategies and valuations. 
We support your in-licensing and out-licensing processes

Licensing, Deal-Making & Venture Partnering

We know that your partner of today could be your acquirer of tomorrow. We support clients with their in-licensing and out-licensing processes, taking a flexible approach and tailoring our service to augment our client’s internal capabilities, acting as an extension of their team.  
We act as your operating partner for COO, CDO, or other R&D functional heads across your organization

In-Market Functional Operating Partner

Massnex acts as the operating executives for clients to set strategy, advise, and lead executive-level roles, including COO, CDO, or other R&D functional heads across your organization. This gives our clients a competitive advantage operating in the world’s #1 life science ecosystem.
We are your biotech investment club in Boston and Europe

Venture Capital & Non-Dilutive Fundraising

We know the right investors, family offices, and non-dilutive sources who may have a personal reason for investing in your company.



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