Lead Generation

We are experts in business development, sales, and marketing with years of experience selling into hospitals and medical offices, insurance companies, municipality and government stakeholders, as well as the largest biopharmaceutical companies in the world. Our goal is to build a database of qualified leads for each client to ensure they will come back for more for our services.

Our Lead Generation programs for economic development organizations identify and capture direct investments, grow regional awareness, drive expansion, job creation, and ultimately increase life science deal flow activity in their pipelines.

Our services will put you in front of executive decision-makers at the companies interested in your region. You will be able to meet with the right companies and decision-makers, your region will directly benefit from interest from investors, government stakeholders, industry groups, and companies as you build an ecosystem to drive life science success in your region.

Considering the global pandemic, with travel restrictions and logistical challenges, downturns in traditional sectors that once fueled growth for local economies, and the importance to continue operations amidst challenging circumstances. We are your strategic partner to help you focus on life sciences, one of the world’s highest value-added industries, which can become the backbone of your economy. Our strategic hubs in Boston and Zug, two of the most innovative life science ecosystems on the planet, we are perfectly positioned to assist you with your needs.






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