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A Different Approach

We utilize the trust that patients have with key opinion leaders, patient advocates, and high-net-worth individuals in their community.

Patient Experience & Journey Mapping

Patient journey mapping is a valuable design thinking tool for healthcare organizations seeking to deliver high-quality, patient-centered care and improve the overall patient experience.

Market Entry & Soft Landing Programs

Our market entry service provides access to key resources, local support network, market validation and testing, regulatory and legal guidance, community engagement, and the long-term support necessary to be successful in the world’s leading life science ecosystem.

Key Opinion Leader Development

Key Opinion Leaders play a pivotal role in advancing healthcare by driving innovation, shaping clinical practice, educating stakeholders, influencing policy, fostering collaboration, and building trust within the healthcare community.

Quantitative & Qualitative Market Research

Health companies at all stages gain valuable insights from market segmentation analysis, competitive analysis, customer focus groups, surveys and interviews, trend analysis, market sizing and forecasting, pricing research, regulatory and reimbursement analysis, and user experience testing.

Investor Development & Fundraising

Boston is an extremely noisy ecosystem where raising capital is extremely competitive. We will help you to research and meet the right investors, focus on long-term relationships, and craft a compelling story so that your company gets the positive attention it deserves.

Nonprofit & Stakeholder Partnerships

Partnerships with advocacy organizations offer numerous benefits, including amplified impact, increased credibility and visibility, broader reach and engagement, enhanced expertise and resources, strategic alliances and coalitions, shared learning and innovation, risk mitigation and resilience, cross-sector collaboration, and policy impact and change.

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