Product Lifecycle & Patient Advocacy Driven Business Strategy

Our approach works because we help our clients to develop strategies in collaboration with the communities they serve. Investors love this approach because it de-risks the development path when companies align with the most trusted advocacy stakeholders.

We are fortunate in Boston to have many innovative life science companies, all developing next-generation products, so you will undoubtedly face fierce competition gaining access to investors and convincing them to invest in your company. Your technology is just one piece of the puzzle, so you must also clearly communicate your team’s unique story and why you will become the new standard of care for the population(s) you serve. Massnex assists with activities such as:

+ Creation of Startup and Investor Fundraising Materials: We know how to communicate your company’s unique competitive advantages and positioning to your target investors and other strategic stakeholders
+ Investor Relationship Management: We partner with organizations like the New England Venture Capital Association and have personal connections with some of the world’s leading life science investors focusing on the Boston ecosystem.
+ Disease Landscape Research and Analysis: We perform a full, robust review of existing disease literature and competitors, engage key opinion leaders, and develop valuation/market size for your product
+ Patient Journey Analysis – We know that innovation is hope for patients and families, so we work with KOLs in every disease to identify and prioritize innovation that addresses unmet medical needs for those who suffer
+ Qualitative and quantitative research of market dynamics with KOLs, practitioners, patients, caregivers, nonprofit leaders, philanthropists, etc., quantitative research of disease community
+ Competitive Analysis – competitive market analysis, identification of market drivers, strategies based on potential scenarios, analysis modeling of competitive scenarios
+ Business Case Analysis – The basis of any business case is to understand the market’s size and the value your product can provide. We ensure epidemiology to confirm this addressable market and identify the financial value drivers for stakeholders to accept innovation
+ Therapeutic Area Strategy – We will perform a full landscape analysis of your selected conditions, including unmet needs analysis and the competitive climate, and we will help you to evaluate your strategic roadmap so that you are optimally positioned
+ Business Development and Licensing – We are fortunate to have connections with many leading venture partnering and corporate development groups across MedTech, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries. We know that your company’s partner of today could be your acquirer of tomorrow
+ Due Diligence – Investors and other stakeholders must be able to evaluate your company to determine the viability of your intellectual property, the scientific innovation itself, and market potential
+ Investors and other stakeholders will undoubtedly do their due diligence beyond evaluation of intellectual property, scientific soundness, and the commercial market for a life science asset. This process will also include assessment of medical need and feasibility of the proposed development strategy, including the regulatory and clinical aspects



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